National Natural Honey Company LLC

The National Natural Honey Company LLC was established in 2014, it has managed successfully to preserve a leading position among other specialized companies in the field of honey Industry. Furthermore it has brought up this industry in the Sultanate of Oman into unprecedented level of excellence. Making it one of the leading brands in the Sultanate and the main importer of honey of all kinds to all hypermarkets, shops, hotels and airline companies.

National Natural Honey Company LLC has fulfilled the highest standards of quality, due to our high commitment to the quality standards and our continuous monitoring and supervision of our production throughout our accredited labs. This has been a platform for our distinguished production, and led us to be 3rd rank in the world bee keeping contest for the quality of honey which was organized by the International Federation of Beekeepers Associations (Apimondia), in Turkey 2017.

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Future Plans

We plan to bring in all 5,000 beekeepers from Oman under one roof and ensure that the Omani Honey gets its deserved due all over the World. In its quest to deliver healthy, natural and delicious honey to its consumer National Natural Honey Company LLC has collaborated with the best honey farms from all over the world; the best quality honey from Australia, Turkey, New Zealand and from other parts of the world to provide the best for its consumers in Oman and Middle East. Future plans include opening National Natural Honey Company LLC showrooms in all the major cities in Oman, Supplying best quality honey in all major supermarkets. Expanding our distributing operations all over Middle East. National Natural Honey Company LLC plans to establish an research and development center with national and international organizations and at the same time implement educational programs and studies that make scientific contributions to the industry. The research center is planned to comprehensively evaluate Oman full potential in terms of bee products and further to increase the competitive power of Oman apiculture and our honey industry on the International level.

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