National Natural Honey Company LLC has a rich history of progress and continuous developments since the establishment what had led it to be a leading company in natural honey production, and developing the field of honey breeding in the Sultanate, these weren’t to be achieved without the highest occupational and technical standards respected in all of our operations. Furthermore we are working through a known techniques and distinguished scientific methodology to achieve the highest standards.

We aim to achieve more success by developing the field in the Sultanate because the Sultanate has a suitable nature for bee keeping and has the quality of honey, which is recognized on the highest podiums worldwide. We seek to cover the international market with Omani honey through partnering with leading distributors from around the world.

We have acheived a lot until now by winning the bronze medal for the best honey award at the Internatinal Beekeepers Association (Apimondia). We have put our company and Sultanate of Oman on the World Map. With a stewardship as chairman and with the help of a leadership team and qualified human resources, we still have a lot to achieve in the years to come.