Wild Honey Comb

Wild Honey Comb is a natural comb produced by honey bees of the genus Apis. The comb is formed into “scales” by eight comb-producing glands in the abdominal segments of worker bees, who discard in the hive; which is a natural process and it is produced twice per annum. Whereas the bees collect flowers nectar which are growing on top of the mountains, the bees comb are considered of a very high value and it is rarely available.

Size : 1.25 kgs

Mountain Blossom Honey With Comb

This honey is produced by a group of flowers from the top of mountains, we have created this product to all our customers who like to have distilled honey along with honey comb, therefore we have mixed both to provide the taste and the experience along with high benefits and for the sake of the unique experience.

Size : 500 gm

Honey Comb

The honey bees collect the nectar from various flowers in forests and mountains and fill the comb with honey to then cover the upper part of the comb and in this way bees can keep honey for several years without spoiling it as a source of food in the winter.

Size : 440 gm & 220 gm

Black Forest Honey

Forest provide us with different sorts of honey and especially the Blackwood honey it is produced from different leaves known with its dark colour and strong scent and rich of minerals and vitamins, with it you can enjoy both the best taste and the health.

Size : 500 gm

Pine Honey

Honey pine is known to be one of the rare type of honey. Produced from the pine trees which were growing naturally in the forest under the Mediterranean weather. It is a unique type of honey known to be a healing product.

Size : 500 gm

Orange Blossom Honey

The bees collect the nector secretions from orange farms and produce a very tasty honey with a flavor of citrus

Size : 500 gm

Acacia Honey

The honey of Acacia is produced from the Acacia trees where the bees collect the nectar of flowers in the spring to produce a unique type of honey, with a transparent color, due to this there is more demand for this type of honey in the world.

Size : 500 gm

Mountain Blossom Honey

The bee travels eight thousand meters actively through this journey and it keeps shifting between thousands of flowers in the top of mountains to produce the mountain flower honey, this journey comes out with a tremendous scent and taste.

Size : 500 gm

Honey with Nuts

It is a useful and healthy meal that mixes both the best honey and fine quality of nuts which are imported from the best nuts producing countries. This include the best quality of nuts including peanuts, walnuts and other types of nuts which were chosen carefully.

Size : 450 gm

Flowers’ Honey in a squeezable bottle

Based on our persistency to satisfy our valuable customers we have designed a compressible bottle, which makes having honey never being easier or more suitable before.

Size : 400 gm

Honey with Figs and Nuts

Through our journey in finding what is in the best interest and advantage of our customers. We have prepared a product that enhances the vitality and energy of its consumers. Therefore, we have mixed figs to honey with nuts, due to the countless benefits and privileges it has, this has made this product one of the most popular products from our collections.

Size : 450 gm

Honey with Cornflakes

Honey is known to be a very healthy to both kids and old, and through their stages of growth we have decided as therefore to make honey a basic element of their daily food, Hence, we have added the Omani honey to cornflakes to provide both kids and adults with a complete delicious meal.

Size : 750 gm